Charging Electric Cars at Home

Without a doubt, making the switch to an all-electric vehicle comes with a lengthy list of benefits and advantages. Along with uninhibited acceleration and a serene ride at all speeds, one of the largest perks of driving an EV is never having to stop at the gas station ever again. Whether you look at it from an environmental, financial, or convenience viewpoint — it’s easy to see why driving an all-electric vehicle makes sense for many drivers.

Now that you’ve decided that an EV is right for you, one of the most common concerns is how you’ll charge the vehicle at your home. The good news is that installing a home charging station in your garage or driveway is very straightforward and only requires a few factors to consider. Blue Grass MOTORSPORT is here to help you gain a better understanding of how the home charging station installation process works. After you’ve learned how simple it is to start enjoying the benefits of a home charging station, all that’s left to do is to choose what your first electric vehicle will be!

Home Charging Station Types

Audi e-tron Level 1 Charging Station

Level 1 Charging

Commonly included with plug-in hybrid vehicles and nearly all EVs, the first type of charging solution is known as Level 1 EVSE. Using a standard household 120-volt AC plug, Level 1 charging is useful mainly for plug-in hybrids in overnight charging situations as it adds roughly 2 to 5 miles of range per hour of charging time. Benefits include the fact that Level 1 often does not require specialized equipment aside from a dedicated branch circuit. Nearly all EVs include a portable Level 1 EVSE cordset that can plug into a standard three-prong household outlet, intended for situations where a dedicated charging station is unavailable.

Level 2 Charging Porsche Taycan

Level 2 Charging

The best solution for keeping your new EV charged up for your daily drive is to install a Level 2 station at your home. Using a 240V AC plug, Level 2 can add about 10 to 60 miles of range to a vehicle per hour of charging time, making it ideal for all EVs. It’s important to note that Level 2 charging does require a dedicated electrical circuit of 20 to 100 amps along with other specialized equipment.

Fortunately, most homes already have 240V service for bigger appliances like air conditioners, electric dryers, or electric ranges. It’s important to trust a licensed electrician since installing a home charging station is required to comply with local, state, and national codes and regulations. Typically, home charging stations are installed inside a garage, although there are specialized freestanding outdoor stations available as well.

Jaguar I-PACE Home Charging Station

Home Charging Station Installation Providers

It’s important to remember that installing a Level 2 240V charging station in your home can potentially be more cost-effective than you may have initially thought. In fact, many manufacturers are able to offer discounted installation of a home charging station when you choose one of the authorized installation partners.

There’s also a wide range of specialized features available to add to your home charging station for an additional cost. These include enhanced displays, charging timers, smartphone connections, and keypads for easy access. All home charging stations will come equipped with basic safety features and status lights.

Also important is to consider that your new EV can potentially qualify for additional state or federal tax incentives that can help further offset the installation cost. Furthermore, the convenience and financial savings that come from never having to visit a gas station again. No matter which way you look at it, installing a home charging station is the perfect solution for making the switch to an electric vehicle.

Still need more information or assistance to help you decide which home charging solution is right for you? You’ll find a team of EV experts at many of our Blue Grass MOTORSPORT dealerships that will help you personalize a charging solution to suit your needs.

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