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Certified Pre-Owned vehicles are a fantastic option to consider when shopping for a new car. Savvy shoppers know the advantages of buying pre-owned, which include lower prices and significantly lower depreciation costs when compared to buying new. Used vehicles often have the latest technology, design, and safety features offered on brand-new vehicles. Certified Pre-Owned vehicles feature some additional benefits compared to a traditional used car.

Certified Pre-Owned programs vary between manufacturers, but several aspects of these programs are very similar. CPO vehicles undergo a thorough multi-point inspection and reconditioning process before being offered for sale. In order to qualify for certification, these vehicles must be below a defined mileage limit, only be a few model years old, and have a clean title. Most Certified Pre-Owned programs will include a vehicle history report which provides information regarding maintenance and accident history. Strict standards are in place to ensure that a Certified Pre-Owned vehicle is among the top-quality used vehicles in the marketplace. Browse our selection of Certified Pre-Owned vehicles at Blue Grass MOTORSPORT.